freemarker.core._MiscTemplateException: When calling macro "board", required parameter "id" (parameter #1) was specified, but had null/missing value. ---- Tip: If the parameter value expression on the caller side is known to be legally null/missing, you may want to specify a default value for it with the "!" operator, like paramValue!defaultValue. ---- ---- FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related): - Failed at: @board ws.categoryId [in template "inc-category.ftl" at line 35, column 33] ~ Reached through: #nested [in template "macro.ftl" in macro "page" at line 76, column 9] ~ Reached through: @page "board board-text-header board-... [in template "inc-category.ftl" at line 34, column 25] - Reached through: #include pageFile [in template "web.ftl" at line 13, column 9] ----