Summer Style: Jacquelyn Jablonski

Jacquelyn Jablonski by Betty Sze via Instagram

One great thing about the streets of New York is the fact you never know who’s around the corner. We spotted the lovely Jacquelyn on our way to lunch, sporting these fabulous sunglasses and chatted with her briefly.

MDC: Hey Jacquelyn, how are you? Gorgeous shades, by the way, who are they by?

Jacquelyn: They’re Celine, I just got them! I wanted a bit of color and saw these..

MDC: Love the necklace as well..

JJ: Pamela Love

MDC: Any plans for the summer?

JJ: Planning a possible trip to Hawaii (Ed note: with some of her model besties like Alana Zimmer, etc). There’s maybe a trip to Nantucket with my family but there’s 6 of us so it’s always a production.

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